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Outreach and Referrals

These services are activities or programs that are designed to familiarize refugees and asylees with services available in the general MAA community of AMAAM. They are achieved by brochures, newsletter publications, flyers and web or email information, by telephone contact, orientation meetings, meeting opportunity announcements, community elder contacts and by word of mouth information. AMAAM provides these outreach links to familiarize refugees to available services in order to assist them to be self sufficient. In this endeavor AMAAM utilizes the available multilingual staff and the technological infrastructure computers, telephone, message access and written language programs.

AMAAM also uses cultural experiential knowledge and insight gained from the African cultures. These include elder recruitment in getting acceptance of the project (elder contact) and by word of mouth communication. We will also use mass mailing. We publish ADAPTATION which now appears in our web site on issues important to the refugee community by inviting prominent scholars, resettlement experts, attorneys and writers.

Help is only a phone call away for clients and service providers because messages are retrieved every 15 minutes from call notes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our multilingual staff. A special beeper for only emergency refuge service is carried by the Executive Director or the Deputy Director at all times. The number of the beeper is indicated in red visible numbers on our brochure and business card with a note indicating that non-emergency numbers cannot be accepted. This number will be publicized to the State of Missouri, refugee coordinator, coalition partners, law enforcement, hospitals and of course, the ultimate benefactors, the refugees themselves.
The phone number is 314-258-2966


   " The ultimate goal of AMAAM's outreach program is self-sufficiency, which will be attained by removing the language barrier
and by providing required and needed
information "