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Social Adjustment

Information and Referral Services

We provide referrals to resource centers after assessing the need of the refugee. AMAAM also serves as a liaison between the refugee and resource centers. These services are tailored to assist families gain information and become self-sufficient. In case of referrals AMAAM makes sure that refugees are referred to service centers that can provide adequate service provisions that enable the refugee family to be self-sufficient.


Emergency Services:

First AMAAM provide assessment services and short-term approach to refugee families in a perceived crisis. However, in an immediate danger of life threatening or accident situation AMAAM staff intervenes for an immediate assistance. AMAAM provides appropriate referral services and makes arrangements for such services. This includes people who need immediate attention because of their illness and during sudden death or during funerals.

Health Related:

AMAAM provides such services to remove health barriers to the self sufficiency of refugees by referring them to appropriate health resources, assisting them in scheduling appointments and counseling refugees or refugee families to help them identify their physical and mental problems to improve their health or to live quality life.

Home Management Services:

These services are provided to refugees so that they can manage their money and live as prudently as possible by their own means to achieve self-sufficiency. They include formal and cultural (informal) instructions in the management of household budgets, comparison shopping, how to buy affordable and nutritious food, safe house keeping, keeping medicines and detergents away from the reach of children, home maintenance, housing standards, tenant rights and other consumer issues. In addition, refugees bring culture of smartness in their shopping habits to feed their families.

Translation And Interpreter Services:

By using our multilingual staff AMAAM provides translator and interpreter services that help refugee social adjustment and refugee self-sufficiency.

Transportation Services:

Transportation services are provided for refugees who do not have cars to and from service centers for all the services AMAAM delivers.


Case Management Services:

AMAAM has always coordinated services and has managed social adjustment services to refugee self-sufficiency. It will continue to deliver this service by a well rounded and client centered focus by promoting coordinated service of AMAAM’s staff with our networking coalition partners. AMAAM case manages the refugee family. AMAAM has also an excellent filing system that helps to manage the refugee family cases and that builds on its experience to deliver quality service.


" People need to be aware of critical areas of possible conflict, such as more rapid rates of assimilation and language learning by children than their parents, cultural differences in learning styles and different styles of social relationships"

" AMAAM believes that activities aimed at support and prevention are crucial and include special counseling; making refugees, immigrants and Americans aware of the cultural differences; planning activities to improve communication between them and giving clear strong roles to bilingual instructional aides "