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Press Release


4/5/2012 ( English ) - Press:274
Additonal Information

Press release 274

"AMAAM shall remain as an internet based advocacy, educational and knowledge based group with a different or same name on behalf of refugees, immigrants and other vulnerable population groups who do not have power, till the next generation of young people with their tolerance and humility shall raise the mission again. We will continue our work on human right. For now, AMAAM closes its physical space for providing social adjustment services. It does not provide services. "


2/1/2012 ( English ) - Press:273

Press release 273

"It is with plenty of reflection and examination that we have decided to phase out in five months and finally close AMAAM on June 30, 2012. We believe that AMAAM has served nearly 30, 000 immigrants, visitors, secondary migrants and students who pass through St. Louis and many refugees and other categories of legal immigrants who call St. Louis their home since April 1983.."


3/25/2011 ( English ) -
AMAAM Calls for a silent fund raising period (March 25-May 15, 2011, from New Americans, friends, Refugees, Immigrants and Clients.

AMAAM would like to thank so many African refugees and immigrants for their heartfelt moral support in these times of economic recession , we appreciate the friendship and good wishes for the volunteer director and staff, who are continuing to provide free service with no or little compensation. We are indebted to Central Reform Congregation, the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, African immigrant businesses for the support and encouragement. We believe that, "Tough times never last but tough people do", to borrow a phrase from Robert Schuler. Times are tough, but we must raise to the occasion to help the most vulnerable with what we have. We thank the Lutheran Foundation and the International Institute for enabling us to continue our provision of health education and refugee assistance. We thank our clients for their fortitude, courage who have shown us how to live with our own means by example. We thank our supportive Board for their generosity.

We are sending out letters for silent fund-raising for people who appreciate our work and closely understand the dedication of our staff, volunteers and associates who give meaning and value for living the sake of others, a contagious spirit of regeneration, growth and service that is uplifting. People who believe in us and understand our commitment of 30 years regarding the most vulnerable African refugees and immigrants, people who know our heart as a "GIVING TREE". It is good to make money for a living; life will be even beautiful and meaningful when people are helped with no strings attached. The silent fund raising period of March 25 to May 15, 2011 is to cover for reasonable expenses , like for 1 years rent, computers, telephone, internet access, snacks/ food for meetings and classes, office insurance, multipurpose TV for C-Span and citizenship education, educational videos, CDs and books on tolerance and dialog. Our call is for giving and we believe that GIVING IS RECEVING


3/21/2008 ( English ) - Press:272 
The Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis Awards AMAAM a Grant for $75,000 For three years to fund preventive health education.

Press release 272 
(34 kB)

"It is with great respect and pleasure that that we release this information of grant award, being the largest from foundations in AMAAM’s history. The fund will be used to provide concentrated health education in the areas of nutrition, disease prevention, issues related to domestic violence and healthy marriage."

12/26/2007 ( English ) - Press:271
Jewish Fund for Human Needs awards $2,500 to the African Mutual Assistance Association of Missouri

Press release 271 
(24 kB)

"The Jewish Fund for Human Need has awarded AMAMM again a fund of $2,500 for general operating expenses. The Rabbi Robert P. Jacobs Jewish Fund for Human Needs is the Jewish Community charity for allocating grants to St. Louis area organizations seeking financial assistance to help meet basic human need ..."


10/25/2007 ( English ) - Press:270 
AMAAM Receives $50,000 Grant from Missouri Foundation for Health to Helps with Medical Transportation and Interpreter Services.
Press release 270 
(24 kB)

"The African Mutual Assistance Association of Missouri (AMAAM) Board of Directorshas received a two year grant of $50,000 ($25,000 per year) from the MissouriFoundation for Health. Funding enables the organization to provide transportation tomedical appointments....."

5/31/2007 ( English ) - Press:267 
Western Union Foundation Awards Grant to African Mutual Assistance Agency of Missouri:

Press release 267 
(27.9 kB)

"The AMAAM Board of Directors is proud to announce a grant of $10,000 from Western
Union Foundation. These funds will be used for operating costs..."

8/10/2005 ( English ) - Press:261 
Harrah's Casino Donates Cell Phones:

Press release 261 
(27.9 kB)

"In June, Harrahs donated 4 latest technology telephones with unlimited local minutes to enhance service to refugees and legal immigrants...."


6/20/2007 ( English ) - Press:268 
AMAAM OBSERVES WORLD REFUGEE DAY African Refugees and Allies Focus on the Genocide in Darfur:

Press release 268 
(27.9 kB)

"St. Louis, MO – Today, the African Mutual Assistance Association of Missouri along with several co-sponsors including St. John’s Episcopal Church, St. Louis Save Darfur Coalition, the International Institute, and Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates coalition ..."




9//14/2009 ( English ) -

Read Document
. ( 118 kB)

Duly established by the Supreme Court of the State of Missouri, your Committee invited comments on the guardian ad litem standards in the State of Missouri.

African Mutual Assistance Association of Missouri (AMAAM) hereby submits it's comments per this attachment.

Pritt O. Akutekha


Vol 6, No. 3

  • The Repercussion of 911 on Refugees Worldwide
  • Health Family and Health Society
  • Refugees; It needs global attention
  • ECDC; Successful Conference
  • Facts on Missouri, Pear Pressure
  • Festival of Nations
  • The Ethiopian Calendar
    many more articles..

Vol 7, No. 2

  • Editorial: We can make a difference
  • Statement regarding peace and conflict resolution
  • After 9-11 what can we do for peace in
    St. Louis
  • Creating a healthy family in an adverse cultural environment
  • Islam: The Struggle for Peace

Religion and Warfare:
Where are we Going

ead Article (43kB)
Professor Ephraim Isaack

" I have become more convinced that it is more important of religious leaders --and you are religious leaders-- to hear more about what damage religion does to world peace than all the good we are used to hear about. Whether we like it or not religion has contributed immensely to hate intolerance, and warfare. Unless we recognize this, our weaknesses and faults, and unless we as individuals make serious efforts to change ourselves personally, we cannot contribute to world peace... "
Excert from Article



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