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 Our staff has
an extensive experience to help you, connect with the community and the support to guide you every step of the way.

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All of the staff members (except one), and the majority of the board members are former refugees. Because of the experience they have gone through as refugees in the camps, they bring the sensitivity and the uniqueness to the refugee service delivery system in Missouri. They know the meaning of trauma, pain, human right abuse, uncertainty and loss. Such first hand experience grants them the knowledge and the privilege to serve their fellow humanity in this great land of immigrants. Indeed, AMAAM is an agency born out of the ideal of mutual assistance, indebtedness to the generosity of America, the need for advocacy on behalf of African refugees, the commitment to diversity, and inclusion inspired by the American experience, freedom and hope.

Gedlu Metaferia, Executive Director  set10_mail_on.gif

  • Manages the day to day activities of the agency and works towards achieving the immediate and strategic goals of the agency
  • He has worked diligently from the inception of our MAA to its current status in providing services to all African refugees in the past 20 years. He has attended and organized 8 major conferences on "Enabling Refugee Women" to enter work force, "Refugee Mental Health", on Conflict Resolution, On AIDS, on famine and the importance of self-help. His training and knowledge in health helps him to identify health needs and assist immigrants. His experience is directly linked to providing direct, complementary and supportive social adjustment services. He has attended more than 120 conference and workshops, sponsored and executed major conferences & forums that help refugees for self-sufficiency
  • Gedlu B. Metaferia has studied public health and tropical medicine in Ethiopia, to be a health officer. Health Officer is sometimes termed a rural physician or bare foot doctor, the 1st of its kind in Ethiopia. He left Ethiopia in the eve of his practicum in the late 70s.  He is a self educated, avid reader and experientially an alternative scholar. He is a poet and a freelance writer. Gedlu B. Metaferia is a recipient of numerous awards and has served in many not-for-profit boards. He is currently working on 3 unpublished manuscripts on Reconciliation and Tolerance, Poetry, Contributions of Ethiopians in the Diaspora, Growth and Sustainability in Africa and Personal Reflections on Absorption and Integration of Immigrants in the West. .

Tsehay Mengiste, Secretary

  • Assists staff, networks with our clients, She is also a custodian of documents and scheduler of appointments. She has also achieved special expertise by training in interpretation, translation, networking and resource identification. Currently Studyin to be a Registered Nurse.
  • email: tsehay@amaamus.org

Kadar Hussien, Senior Case Worker II 

  • Assists refugee families, home visits and provides transportation and interpretation.
  • email: kadar@amaamus.org



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     " Most importantly
AMAAM understands
the ethnic squabbles Africans face is because of our democratic experience back home, the competition among MAAs and leadership roles are quite different from traditional American agencies.
AMAAM has a breadth
of experience both in a leadership role and in delivering services."