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Translations and Interpretations

AMAAM has been providing professional Interpretation and Translation Services to a wide range of clients for many years. All of our staff are “mother-tongue” translators and interpreters – no amount of training or software can duplicate that thought process.

We provide conference Interpreting services for business conferences, meetings, trade, government agencies, and medical conventions.

AMAAM also provides interpretation services for depositions, interviews, court proceedings, medical assessments, insurance claims appointments, or anywhere else you may need to communicate in a different language.

AMAAM's success has been built on strict adherence to the first principles of translation and interpretation services- use only those who are competent in their field and who translate and interpret into their mother tongue. AMAAM offers out of state agencies a quality service at a fair price.

AMAAM recognizes that it is not just the word accuracy of a translation that is important but the cultural localization as well, something that only experienced native language speakers can convey.

AMAAM translates all types of documents including the following:

  • Legal documents; Diplomas, Certificates, Transcripts
  • Technical manuals and patents
  • Medical literature
  • Legal and trade agreements
  • Business and financial statements
  • Marketing, advertising and public relations materials
  • Magazine and newspaper articles
  • Business and private correspondence

Our quality translation services ensure your effectiveness, competitiveness and ultimately your success in foreign and multicultural local markets.