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   The center is open from 9 AM
to 6 PM Monday through Friday except for observed holidays. The one hour exception is for those who need service and yet cannot come early because of work schedules. The center is also open on Saturday from 11 AM to 1 PM, again to assist those who cannot make it in the normal week working hours.

To schedule contact

Tsehay Mengiste
2348 Tennessee Ave.
St. Louis, Missouri 63104

Ph:314 776-8885
Fax: 314 776-0401

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Organizational Programs

We provide a variety of services, educational and other services to the general public.

Service is number one

Outreach and Referrals

These are activities or programs that are designed to familiarize refugees, asylees and other categories of legal immigrants with services available in the general AMAAM community. By brochures, newsletters, publications and community meetings. We inform the exodus community about available services.

Women's Initiative

This program assists refugee women and children less than 5 years in the United States in health education, family stability, women's and children's rights in the US through education and forums and monthly or quarterly flexible meetings. We also provide interpretation and transportation for women wellness clinics and the immunization of children.

Employment Services

Our service offers comprehensive training and employment services to immigrants/refugees and new Americans. Assessment, resume writing, referral and job placement.

Citizenship and Naturalization

Lawyer referral for the difficult cases. We also assist in filing forms, in outreaching refugees and legal immigrants who are 5 years or approaching their 5th year. We have a weekly class for ESL and citizenship education every Saturday from 12:00 Noon to 3:00PM for those who are working on week days. This program is subject to change regarding time and weather conditions.

Social Adjustment

These services include; information and referral, home management, emergency, transportation and case management.

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Assessment Services

The need of the client is assessed during the intake interview to identify health, housing or employment problems to channel our efforts in solving the problem.

Translation and Interpretation

Our  service delivers a professional translation completed by a qualified, native speaking translator. Every translation undergoes a separate proofreading to ensure the highest quality. This service is suitable for any type of business or personal document.


 "Social adjustment is a lifelong process. We change lives.
We make a difference and grow ourselves in this adjustment process also."

   " I look at a stream and I see myself:
a native South African, flowing irresistibly
over hard obstacles until they become smooth and, one day, disappear -- flowing from an origin that
has been forgotten toward an end that
will never be. "

--Miriam Makeba.

AMAAM's official newsletter is ADAPTATION
which provides educational material on health, consumer issues and other related issues. We also provide a medium for noted editorials and well known writers to share views and other information with our community and also during gatherings or celebrations. These are in the form of multilingual published articles.