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Our staff has an extensive experience to help you, connect with the community and the support to guide you every step of the way.

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For two decades, African Mutual Assistance Association of Missouri, formerly, the Ethiopian community Association of Missouri has been providing complementary and supportive social services to African refugees and asylees to improve their lives in St. Louis. These complementary and supportive services directly and indirectly benefit African refugees and asylees in addition to mainstream services provided by larger resettlement agencies for self-sufficiency.

AMAAM also works to strengthen linkage and networking between itself; clients and mainstream service providers in attending at consortiums, focus groups, task forces and seminars, hosting conferences and participating in training sessions locally and nationally to equip staff to better serve African refugees. Today, AMAAM works with the International Institute, interfaith groups (faith based organization or FBOs), government agencies, diverse civil rights organizations, social service providers and employers to promote refugee self-sufficiency, acculturation, mental health, well-being and security. AMAAM is in the strongest position among Missouri based mutual assistance associations to deliver a variety of services, educational and related projects to the general public.



 "AMAAM is one of the best organized agencies to reach out to new and old refugees who have been here less than ten years based on service categories and time eligibility."